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Boneville Land Speed Record Bike

Built to beat a long standing record on the salt flats, the Highwayman LSR350 (AKA The Orange Bird) is currently the fastest ride-on 350cc Motorcycle ever recorded at Bonneville averaging  170.519 MPH (2017), exceeding all listed records (FIM, SCTA, and AMA).

The bike currently holds two AMA National Land Speed records:

350-APS-AG – rider: Jeff Henise – two-way timed mile average speed of 170.519 MPH

350-APS-CG – rider: Chris Glaister – two-way timed mile average speed of 163.292 MPH

Designed and built by Jeff Henise and Chris Glaister. Engine design, Wayne “Wobbly” Wright , engine build Jeff Henise.

As featured in Cycle World: Part 1 , Part 2

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