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Director Product Design Engineering - Connected Products Group

Founded in 2014 and going public in 2020, Casper is well known as the company that started the "bed in a box" business model. With the market established, the segment saw a huge influx of lower quality, lower priced copy cat mattresses flooding the market. Casper had to establish itself as an authority in sleep and embarked on a project to create and launch a range of innovative connected home devices to improve sleep quality. 

The Connected Products Group was established in 2017 and started with an exploratory project to establish our point of view on sleep products and create a 3 to 5 year product road map. Our first product Glow, a magical light for better sleep, launched to critical acclaim winning DNA Paris Design Award, Fast Company Innovation by Design and Time Best Inventions 2019.

Future products in the pipeline use innovative techniques and technologies to promote better sleep. 

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