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Bridge Design

Senior Product Design Engineer

Bridge Design is a consultancy firm specializing in Medical and Life Science products.

iQue flow Cytometer, Intellicyt

Intelllicyt had a successful but unwieldy flow cytometer on the market for some time. They engaged us to combine the separate elements of the system into a single elegant piece of equipment. Working from industrial design concept renderings I designed and built several fully functional pre-production prototypes. Intellicyt used these as demo units in labs receiving positive feedback and suggestions for improvements. The designs were updated and the product put into production.

Spectranetics - pace maker lead removal tool

Known for their laser ablation pace lead removal tools, Spectranetics approached Bridge to develop an alternative hand actuated mechanical tool to cut pace maker leads free from fibrosis in the artery walls. Passing over the existing lead a flexible tube holds a annular cutting blade at its tip. The blade rotates, extends and retracts as the surgeon pulls a slider on a hand held gun. The characteristics of the mechanism and the ergonomics of the gun were developed working closely with surgeons and the Spectranetics engineering team.


HOYA - ocular implant insertion tool

HOYA approached us to design an improved surgical tool for inserting synthetic lenses into the eye to treat cataracts.  Their iSert® Preloaded IOL System, although successful, requires 2 handed operation to twist a mechanism to push the lens forward into the eye. The twisting motion was difficult to do without causing movement of the tip at the injection site which could damage the eye further.  We developed and prototyped a tool which could be used single handed and activated with a very light touch and variable speed with a finger tip.


See patent: Ocular implant insertion apparatus and methods [US10350059B2

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